Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Reds Missed a Golden Opportunity

Last night was The Civil Rights Game at Great American Ballpark. Celebrities, sports legends, and politicians alike gathered in Cincinnati this weekend to celebrate the progress that we have made and the parallel between sports and society. In conjunction with this Civil Rights game the Cincinnati Reds had arranged a promotional giveaway where they gave away 1964 replica Frank Robinson jersey's. Robinson had an impact on the Reds and baseball, as the first black manager, and one of the Reds first huge minority stars. However I think the Reds chose the wrong player for the jersey giveaway. If I were planning, or even had a say, I would have had Chuck Harmon jersey night. You might be saying, who is Chuck Harmon? Chuck Harmon was the first black player to play for the Reds. Harmon wasn't a superstar for the Reds and many who came to the ballpark may not know about Chuck Harmon. But what a great opportunity to educate. Men and children alike could have left with a better appreciation for Harmon. I think the Reds missed the boat on this one.

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