Sunday, June 7, 2009

2009 MLB Mock Drafts

The MLB draft doesn't get quite the press that the NFL or NBA draft do, because most of us don't get to follow these players until they have already hit at least the minor leagues. But its an extremely important part of building a small to mid market baseball team like the Reds. The draft will start on Tuesday June 9th and run through the 11th.

So, alright, I can't come up with an honest MLB mock draft. But there are a couple of people that can. Below are links to the mock from the Sporting News and

Sporting News

Sports City

The Reds have the 8th pick in this year's draft. The last time the Reds selected 8th was in 2006. They selected Drew Stubbs. It looks like that pick might pay off soon. Since the Reds have added scouts to their scouting department (post Schott/Bowden era) the Reds have had much more success in the draft. Here's hoping the trend continues.

Both sites have the Reds picking a left handed pitcher. That was also mentioned by George Grande in the game broadcast today. So, all the rumors are leading to either Tyler Matzek out of California or Matt Purke out of Texas. has a list of all of the #8 picks in the draft since 1980. This must be a snakebitten spot, not too many big names on this list. Anyone for Jay Bell??

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SHU said...

All I know is Washington better pay up for Stephen Strasburg. There hasn't been this much hype for a starter in the draft since Mark Prior, lets hope I didn't just jinx the kid. After reading articles on Strasburg in SI and ESPN the kid seems lights out.