Sunday, June 28, 2009

Former Xavier Star Lashes Out at Sean Miller

Former Xavier Musketeer basketball player Stanley Burrell had some pretty harsh words for his former coach, Sean Miller. Miller recently took over the job at Arizona. As the NBA draft was ongoing, Burrell was writing some very interesting words on his Twitter account regarding Derek Brown, Sean Miller, and others.
Here are some of the excerpts:

"Lets face it... SM isnt trying to develop pros. It was all about him! Look ive spoke to SM ONE time since grad. from X. Family huh? NOT! ... SM taught me many things that im thankful for. Most recently, this world is cut throat! GET YOURS WHILE U CAN! Wow!"

"I said what I said about Sean for a few reasons. 1) The fact that ive talked to a coach ONE TIME since grad. that i gave my blood, sweat, and tears for(for 4 yrs) is BULLSHIT! I sacrificed (just like the rest of my teammates) for Sean and our team...He made me believe that we were really like family to eachother. when really that was just a scheme to get us all to buy in to the "team system"."

"some of u fans really amaze me some time!!! makes the true xu fans, look bad."

The full article can be read here.

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SHU said...

I didn't really know Sean all that well besides what you saw on the court so what Stanley is saying could have some truth to it.

The last comment you posted was because some stupid Xavier fans were saying it served Brown right going in the middle of the second round for leaving. I don't feel the same. Although, he could've been the A-10 player of the year next year he may not of even been drafted in next year's class. There's point in your life when you need to look out for yourself and not for your team.