Sunday, April 26, 2009

2009 Cincinnati Bengals NFL Draft Rundown

For the first time in a long time I'm happy with the state of the Cincinnati Bengals after the NFL Draft. Every year I sit on the couch and criticize at least three or more moves they make, this year it's hard to find one, at least in the first four rounds. Also, it seems the critics and sports analysts are agreeing with me and ranking the Bengals draft class as one of the best, if not the best in the NFL. Listed below is the Bengals draft including each players 2008 stats.

1 6(6) Andre Smith OT Alabama
Good news for Carson Palmer because Smith considers the QB to be his mother.... all I know is the guy is a beast and only let up 1 sack in the toughest conference in college football last year.

2 6(38) Rey Maualuga ILB USC
The man reecks havoc on the field and intimidates offensive lineman. Although he took a step back last year in the sack column he still produced solid numbers on a linebacker heavy team: 80 tackles, 2 interception, 1 touchdown.

3 6(70) Michael Johnson DE Georgia Tech
This could be the teams biggest sleeper in the draft. Not to be confused with the track star, Johnson, was a stud for the Yellow Jackets putting together 45 tackles, 9 sacks and an interception which led to a touchdown last year. We need someone that can pressure the quarterback, and this 6'7 freak could fill the void over time.

3 34(98) Chase Coffman TE Missouri
So you're telling me I have to retire my Ben Utecht jersey already? Coffman put up huge pass catching numbers last year recording 90 reception for 987 yards and 10 touchdowns! He broke his ankle and like Michael Crabtree couldn't participate in the NFL combine, which led his stock falling in the draft.

4 6(106) Jonathan Luigs OC Arkansas
Was voted the top center in college football after his junior season, all while blocking for Darren McFadden. He had a topsy-turvy year in 2008 under a new coach but he has to be as good as Eric Ghiacuc.....right?

5 6(142) Kevin Huber PT Cincinnati
Love this pick! Huber was voted the best punter in college football the past two seasons and it's great to see a deserving homegrown boy fulfill his childhood dream. Anyone that averages over 45 yards a punt and pins there opponents inside the twenty 25+ times a year is okay in my book.

6 6(179) Morgan Trent CB Michigan
This is the first Bengals pick that I started to question. thought there were better corners available at the time but Marvin and the gang remembered Trent during there days of scouting Leon Hall at the University of Michigan. Trent put up 41 tackles and recorded 3 interceptions for the struggling Wolverines.

6 36(209) Bernard Scott RB Abilene Christian
Here we go.... it seems like the Bengals pick a guy each year with a troubled past and Scott fits the bill. We like giving guys "second chances", especially when they put up insane number like Scott has: 2,156 yards on the ground and 28 touchdowns, couple that with 47 reception for 826 yards and six touchdowns, ridiculous!

7 6(215) Taufui Vakapuna RB Brigham Young
My favorite Cincinnati athlete name since Wily Mo Pena. He will be fighting for the fullback spot with Jeremi "Give me a Big Mac" Johnson. He did record 291 yards on the ground for 3 scores last season.

7 40(249) Clinton McDonald DT Memphis
Seven sacks in his senior campaign and was named a 1st team all C-USA selection. He'll be fighting for a spot on the roster to say the least.

7 43(252) Freddie Brown WR Utah
Chris Henry's physique without the baggage (6'4, 215 lbs.) Caught 77 balls for 900 yards and 7 scores last year. Why not draft Quann Cosby here?

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