Monday, April 6, 2009

Opening Day Thoughts

Today marks one of the best days in the City of Cincinnati. Opening day is like new years here in the Queen City (for more ways than one.) On this day Baseball is here, the King of Cincinnati has returned. Or at least that is what it used to be. The Reds are tied for first place in the Division and sniffing for a playoff spot. We don't know if we can say that in June, July, August or September but we know in April we are right near the top. Opening day brings a lot of excitement for the team, which unfortunately typically fizzles out by early June. But this year may be different. There is a young nucleus of talent on this roster that can really make some noise.

*Micah Owings was named the 5th starter in the Reds rotation rounding out making our Top 5: Aaron Harang, Edinson Volquez, Johnny Cueto, Bronson Arroyo, Micah Owings. Not bad at all, there is some real talent there. Arroyo is suffering from Carpal Tunnel and has been shelled his last few outings but there is always Homer Bailey waiting in the wings, who really turned it up and just missed making the team this season for opening day.

*One of the more questioned roster moves the Reds made was sending Jonny Gomes to AAA. Don't expect Gomes to stay there long, he should have made the Major league club in my opinion.

Opening day roster:
Jerry Hairston Jr. lf
Darnell McDonald cf
Joey Votto 1b
Brandon Phillips 2b
Jay Bruce rf
Edwin Encarnacion 3b
Ramon Hernandez c
Alex Gonzalez ss
Aaron Harang p

I am hopeful that this season will be the year that the Reds turn it around.

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