Tuesday, April 14, 2009

You Know What Really Grinds My Gears

1. Fox Sports - so it turns out employees at Fox Sports like to fall asleep during Reds games. Myself along with many other viewers enjoyed watching a great game between the Reds and Brewers and all of a sudden in the bottom of the 9th with one out and the Reds up a run the program switched to "The Best Damn Sport Show Period." It took them 15 minutes to realize this had happened and by this time the Reds game was over! I know mistakes happen, but this isn't the first time I've watched something this year and Fox Sports has suddenly switched programs. Earlier this year, a UC basketball game was cut-off in OT (Yes, I was watching a UC game, don't hate). I hope the next time Fox Sports CEO is watching his favorite show on TV that it switches to a different program during the last 10 minutes, jackass.

2. Andy Furman - talk about someone that has fallen off the face of the earth. This once controversial radio personality was employed by 700 WLW for decades and was let go because of comments made about the Cincinnati Bengals, in particular T.J. Houshmandzadeh. He then went to write for The Pulse which is no longer around and works for 96.5 Supertalk. I saw him as a guest on Channel 5's Sunday night Sports show and the guy reminded me why I've always despised him. Hey Andy, it's one thing to be a controversial tv/radio personality, it's another thing to be annoying as hell. When he tries to make a point he always has to yell and the whole program he was begging people to give him a second chance. Hey Andy, get a job, better yet get a life.

3. Former Reds Players Success - remember these names Ryan Dempster, Kyle Lohse and Todd Coffey. All of these players had pretty horrific Reds careers and have done tremendous elsewhere. I watched Coffey last night and he was throwing almost every pitch between 94 and 96, I don't ever remember him having that kind of velocity. What about Dempster who was 17-6 with a 2.96 ERA last year or Lohse who was 15-6 with a 3.78 ERA last year. All have started off the season well and not to mention all play for contenders in the NL Central, seriously!

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