Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Leon Hall Latest Cincinnati Bengal Victim to be Arrested

Bengals cornerback Leon Hall is facing DUI charges after the Ohio State Patrol says he was driving under the influence of alcohol. A breath test showed Hall had a BAC of 0.149. The legal limit is 0.08.

Add Leon Hall to this list of Bengals arrested since 2005, ranked from best to worst:

(Oh, and signing Frank the Tank Johnson helps this situation even more, he's not included in this list.)

1. Chris Henry (June 14th, ‘06) - providing alcohol to three underaged females, but did he score?

2. Chris Henry (Jan. 28th, ‘06) - possession of a concealed firearm, improper exhibition of firearm, aggravated assault with firearm, that’s a lot of firearm action

3. A.J. Nicholson (June 3rd, ‘06) - burglary, vandalism, grant theft, *bonus points for stealing electronics from a teammate, that’s not easy

4. Frostee Rucker (June 21st, ‘06) - vandalism, spousal battery, just don’t beat up that blackberry

5. Reggie McNeal (Dec. 3rd, ‘06) - resisting arrest and drug possession, always fun to catch the cops with an elbow to the chest

6. Eric Steinbach (Aug. 5th, ‘06) - boating under the influence, admit it, you didn’t even know that counted

7. A.J. Nicholson (May 18th, ‘06) - domestic violence, he restarted the streak after they had gone four months in between arrests

8. Chris Henry (June 3rd, ‘06) - DUI, 0.092, I’d blow that from a sip of Manischweitz

9. Odell Thurman (Sept. 25th, ‘06) - drunken driving, a 0.18, but he was more sober than Chris Henry or Reggie McNeal, so it’s all good

10. Deltha O’Neal (Dec. 9th, ‘06) - DWI, come on a 0.10 shouldn’t even count

11. Matthias Askew (July 22nd, ‘06) - disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, failure to comply with police officer’s order, obstructing justice, kinda boring

12. Chris Henry (Dec. 15 ‘05) - weed possession, just kids being kids

13. Quincy Wilson (June 17, ‘07) - disorderly conduct, kind of weak, but cool that the bride and groom were arrested too

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