Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cincinnati Bengals Announce 2009 Schedule

Tonight on the NFL Network, the NFL announced team-by-team schedules for the upcoming 2009 football season. It feels awesome that football season is right around the corner. In what is not shocking news, the Cincinnati Bengals play zero primetime Monday night, Sunday night, or Thursday night games this season. Looks like we are back to the Bengals of the 1990's. I guess that is what you get when you only when 4 games. Whats even better is that I still can't wait for football.

Here is the schedule:

Sun, Sep 13 Denver Broncos 1:00PM (ET)
Sun, Sep 20 @ Green Bay Packers 1:00PM (ET)
Sun, Sep 27 Pittsburgh Steelers 1:00PM (ET)
Sun, Oct 04 @ Cleveland Browns 1:00PM (ET)
Sun, Oct 11 @ Baltimore Ravens 1:00PM (ET)
Sun, Oct 18 Houston Texans 1:00PM (ET)
Sun, Oct 25 Chicago Bears 1:00PM (ET)
Sun, Nov 01 BYE
Sun, Nov 08 Baltimore Ravens 1:00PM (ET)
Sun, Nov 15 @ Pittsburgh Steelers 1:00PM (ET)
Sun, Nov 22 @ Oakland Raiders 4:15PM (ET)
Sun, Nov 29 Cleveland Browns 1:00PM (ET)
Sun, Dec 06 Detroit Lions 1:00PM (ET)
Sun, Dec 13 @ Minnesota Vikings 1:00PM (ET)
Sun, Dec 20 @ San Diego Chargers 4:05PM(ET)
Sun, Dec 27 Kansas City Chiefs 1:00PM (ET)
Sun, Jan 03 @ New York Jets 1:00PM (ET)

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SHU said...

A much favorable schedule as compared to last year. Although it's still early and we don't know who the Bengals will draft I'm going to be optomistic and say they could finish 9-7. I mean I figure they could win 7 of 9 games against the following teams (listed below) and could go 3-5 against the rest.

Lions, Raiders, Chiefs, Jets, Broncos, Texans, Bears, twice against Cleveland. (Most of these teams have QB problems)