Monday, April 6, 2009

Is this the Greatest Week for Sports?

With all that has gone on in sports during this time of year I am curious and convinced that this is the greatest week of sports in any given year, please let me plead my case.

During the span of this week (or even past 8 days)

NCAA Final Four and National Championship
Major League Baseball Opening Day
NBA- teams making playoff push
The Masters starting on Thursday
WWE Wrestlemania this week
NCAA Hockey Frozen Four Tournament
Women's NCAA Final Four and Championship
NHL teams playing somewhere in colder climates
You could even make a case for NFL Draft conversation

With all of this activity I am convinced that this is the greatest week for sports. Your thoughts?


Matt said...

I was going to post on this

I have absolutely 100% always thought that this was the greatest week in sports

I love it

SHU said...

I wish the final 4 would be on Thursday and Saturday though because it's hard to get hyped up for the championship on the same day as opening day for baseball for most.