Monday, April 13, 2009

Cincinnati Reds Could Host 2013 Major League Baseball All-Star Game

1988, this was the last time the major league baseball all-star game was played in the queen city, Cincinnati. Reports have it that The Reds are pursuing an All-Star date for 2013.

What are the chances that the Reds win this bid? I say they're as good as they'll get as they have a great new ball park, plenty of hotels and a re-invigorated downtown. Also, the Banks project will be finished by this time. It also helps that they're plenty of things to do around town in the summer from Kings Island and Newport on the Levee to Horse Racing and Casinos across the river. Can you imagine the home run derby in a home run happy ballpark? Your thoughts?

The Reds said the team’s desire to host an All-Star Game is one reason it sought the Civil Rights Game against the Chicago White Sox at Great American Ball Park.

Henry Aaron, Muhammad Ali and Bill Cosby are scheduled to be in town that weekend to accept awards. President Obama has also been invited.

The game alternates between American League and National League cities every year. St. Louis is hosting this year. With Arizona getting the next National League date in 2011, Cincinnati’s next three chances are 2013, 2015 and 2017.

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Matt said...

Would be awesome if they had it here...I would love to be there
I have said since the park opened that they should be in line for it but it seems like the Reds continually get passed over.

Note: The All-Star Game no longer switches between NL and AL.... MLB can choose whatever park it wants..the rule changed a few years ago