Monday, April 6, 2009

Chris Mack will be Xavier's Next Coach

The recent loss of Sean Miller takes a huge hit on Xavier men's basketball, but can you blame him fore leaving? Arizona is a good opportunity and overall I don't think he left for the money, he left so he could better himself and coach a prestigious program that has been to 25 consecutive NCAA tournaments. I wish Coach Miller all the best and won't sulk over his loss like many fans will. He put up a 120-47 record while at Xavier over a 5-year span. He's the only coach in Xavier history that can say he took the team to one elite eight and one sweet sixteen.

Chris Mack in my opinion will be Xavier's next head coach and I said that before Miller even left. Xavier likes to hire from within and Mack has assisted Miller for his entire tenure as head coach at Xavier. Is this a good move.... I think so because Mack helped recruit the players on Xavier's current roster, a team that has been projected by many to be a possible preseason top-10 team next year. If Mack is named the head coach I believe the players on the current roster and coming in will stay and won't think twice about transferring. People need to remember Miller was an assistant as well under Thad Matta, like Mack was under Miller. Before assisting Miller, Mack was an assistant for three seasons under Skip Prosser. Click Here to learn more about Chris Mack, including his honors and history during his playing days at Xavier.

As fellow nkysportsworld blogger Adam mentioned in a previous post Xavier isn't considered to be a highly sought after coaching position but is a way for coaches to build their resumes and work their way up the coaching ranks in college basketball. Think of the coaches before Miller (Matta, Prosser, Gillen, etc.) all left for bigger programs and more money. One thing is to blame for this.... playing in what is considered to be a weak conference. If Xavier was in the Big 12, Big East, Big 10, etc. would Miller have left, no way. You can have the best facility in the world, the best fans, best administration and that all doesn't matter if you don't play in a big conference. Look how much trouble Memphis had trying to find a replacement for Calipari. They know they're a big name in college basketball but they were seeking top coaches from top conferences. They ended up going with one of their own Josh Pastner, just like Xavier will go from within with Mack.

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