Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bengals Sign Tank Johnson

Say it aint so! The Cincinnati Bengals reached a deal with Tank Johnson today. Terms of the deal have not been disclosed. Tank Johnson is a former Chicago Bear and Dallas Cowboy DT who feels he suits better in the Bengals 4-3. This move cries RIDICULOUS for the Bengals. Tank Johnson has been involved with multiple run ins with the law, including the arrests for gun possession, marijuana possession, resisting arrest, and assault. On another occasion, he was found with 6 firearms in his car and was questioned in the shooting death of his bodyguard. For a team that so bad wishes to escape the thugish and character flawed persona that they displayed on a national stage just a few years ago, they seem to continue to draft guys that still fit that persona. What makes matters worse is that Tank Johnson isnt that good. A mediocre defensive tackle at best.
I will go on record now saying this is a bad move. I will be glad to be proven wrong on the field.

What does this say? What the move does say is that the Bengals have options going into this months NFL draft. I still believe a trade back into the middle of the 1st rd would be the best move, however, options are open. If one of the big two tackles are available they can jump on it. A possible trade of Ocho Cinco may now signal a WR like Crabtree or Macklin at #6.

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