Friday, April 10, 2009

Why the Bengals Should Draft Andre Smith

With the draft coming up in a couple of weeks I felt it would be a good time to hit on a few of the names that are seriously floating around the Cincinnati Bengals at pick #6. The one that has caught the most attention has been Alabama OT Andre Smith. We all saw his "jello-man" 40 yard dash from his pro day and have heard all of the terrible things that he has done in the combine. But the one thing that people are forgetting is everything that he accomplished at the University of Alabama. Smith was virtually untouchable at LT for the Crimson.
We are living in a day and age where every move a player makes is absolutely scrutinized and that has been the case with Andre Smith. He may not be the smartest player in the world, but I also don't remember Willie Anderson winning any academic bowls. Smith carries his size well and is very athletic and quick ON THE FOOTBALL FIELD. I don't care what he can run in the 40 yard dash because I hope to never have to see him run 40 yards on the football field. If he is he is probably chasing down a defender who just created a turnover. So lets forget all of the scrutiny that he has met after the season and remember that initial draft reports right after the season had Smith as the #1 pick. We have put too much value on the combine. We spend too much time evaluating 40 times, weight lifting, high jump and not enough time watching tape and evaluating talent ON THE FOOTBALL FIELD. Draft Andre Smith!


Brandon said...

I would not have a problem with that choice. A tackle is exactly what this team needs and why not go after the top rated tackle after the season was over. He is acting a little strange but what 21 year old doesn't do that on occassion. He could be a good fit. If we had any veteran leadership on this team (like Willie) I wouldn't be worried at all!

Please Mike and Marvin, PLEASE do not draft a WR!!! If there is no one blocking for Carson then it won't matter what WR you get because your season will be done and JT O'Sullivan will be throwing the ball.

Matt said...

I dont like Andre Smith. I think a WR is acceptable if and ONLY if Chad Johnson is traded and you can get an extra pick in rd. 1

I also would not mind trading back into the middle of rd 1 if one of the top 2 tackles are not available at would give you extra picks as well as flexibility to pick a guy like Oher or Rey Maleuga