Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bengals Day One

Wow! You have to feel happy about the first day. I feel like the Bengals got a lot of value in their positions. Andre Smith was ranked as the #1 player on most boards right after the college football know the football field, where they actually play football. He had some immature moments off the field, no doubt. He doesn't look great with his shirt off, but like Dave Lapham said, have you seen Willie Anderson with his shirt off? Just watch the tape and you'll see how he dominates the competition. I think he was a great choice.

The second choice may be even more exciting. The Bengals got a real AFC North type of football player. Rey Maualuga was projected to go #12 by The Sporting News. We got him at 38. He is intense! He puts fear into the offense. He flies all over the field and hits hard. He is that vocal, nasty, intense linebacker that the successful AFC North teams have always had. I was hoping for a center in the 2nd round before the day started, but if Maualuga is sitting there you have to take him. Plus, communication is key for linebackers and he has already built that with Keith Rivers, they played for 2 years together at USC. Loved that pick!

Tomorrow I am hoping for a center. Wood, Unger and Mack are already gone. I think Antoine Caldwell will probably be there, the center from Alabama. I still think the Bengals will be looking for a RB in this draft as well. If thats the case, it could be Big Ten Player of the Year, Shonn Greene out of Iowa. Mel Kiper has 4 tight ends in his list of top available players, the Bengals could be interested in a TE as well.

All in all I am pretty excited about the first day. We always question one or both picks in the 1st and 2nd rounds. I don't feel that uneasiness this time. >

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