Wednesday, April 29, 2009

HBO will feature Bengals on Hard Knocks

There are numerous reports confirming leaked information that the Cincinnati Bengals will be the feature of the HBO series Hard Knocks. For those of you who have not seen the show Hard Knocks follows NFL teams during training camp. They typically choose a handful of players to spotlight which normally includes some veterans, draft picks, and free agents trying to make it. The Bengals would be a very intriguing team to follow with personalities such as Chad Johnson and stories like Andre Smith, Tank Johnson, Chris Henry. This will be a great season to watch.


Brandon said...

Does that mean that you will draft nothing but Bengals in the football draft this year? I seem to remember your falling in love with the Chiefs and Cowboys previously.

Adam said...

Ha! Man I tell you the Cowboys should have been good last year! I am sure I will overvalue some rookie free agents for the Bengals next season in the fantasy draft. And Bernard Pollard is still my favorite Safety/Dancer from Ft. Wayne.