Monday, April 20, 2009

Mock Draft for the Ages

I talk a lot of smack about ESPN, but I like their page 2 stories. They are usually a little off the wall. They have posted a mock draft for all time. They only used players that were picked 1-5, and they were picked based on team need and college credentials. I am only posting this because I loved the Bengals selection....the one and only Tony Mandarich. The Bengals described him as the "can't miss prospect" whom they are depending on protecting Carson Palmer. Ahh, its so true. You know thats who we would take. Read the whole article here.


Adam said...

That is pretty accurate, we would pick Mandarich, that guy was a joke now that we can look back. Its a shame, I was watching a report on him. He has turned his life around but got caught in drugs and alcohol for a while.

SHU said...

I personally liked his mullet.