Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More changes at 1530 Homer

Sadly one of the best parts of our local sports radio station is changing. C. Trent Rosencrans will no longer be there "blogging machine." It's now being reported that there were several layoffs at Clear Channel. C. Trent is not alone, Alan Cutler and Paul Daugherty are also out! This doesn't come too long after two fixtures of the sports talk landscape were already let go when Andy Furhman and Richard Skinner were fired. What a shame! C. Trent and Doc were two of the best things going in this city.

More information to come.

The only local programming that 1530 Homer will have is Lance McCallister from 3-6. Lance will also do the Reds pre-game show. Mo Egger was retained by Clear Channel but will not host a show on the air. Producers Travis Holmes, Matt Steinmann and Mark Chalifoux were also let go from Clear Channel. This is a real shame, we are losing our local sports talk market which was one of the strongest that I have heard. I spend a lot of time listening to local sports talk and we will lose a part of our community. I would imagine that Fox Sports National radio will be picked up by 1530 homer.


SHU said...

Was never a big fan of Alan Cutler but I will miss C. Trent and Doc needs to stick with writing anyways. It's funny because the three guys blog that I visit on a regular basis were all retained by Clear Channel: Lance, Mo, and Nick Brunker. Maybe they just need some good bloggers....hey clear channel we'll come cheap.

Adam said...

I think it is very upsetting that they have cancelled their local programming. One of the coolest things that we had in Cincinnati was the local discussion. The radio personalities had a strong presence in the city. As I am writing this post Dan Patrick gave a shout out to 1530 homer which would lead me to believe he will fill the void in the morning. I am really bummed by all of this.

Brandon said...

I am bummed too. All we ever get on the national programs are NY, Boston, Chicago and LA teams. Thats it. I get sick of hearing about them. I enjoy the local coversation where the world does not evolve around Alex Rodriguez and LeBron James. ESPN actually had a big segment the other night on where LeBron James would have fit into the NFL draft! Thats a story?! I'd rather talk Seattle baseball than hear that crap. And its going to be more of the same on the radio now. I really don't like it.

Adam said...

Dan Patrick mid-day isnt terrible. I listen to his show when I travel Western KY. The biggest hit is in the morning. 1360 signal is weak and I have a hard time getting Mike and Mike out of Cincinnati. On some days I can pick it up clear on 1070 The Fan out of Indy. If I could have my pick I would have Mo Egger from 7-9 then Dan Patrick, Rome, and Lance. That would be a good lineup. I agree though, very rarely will you find any topics about Cincinnati on the national shows.