Monday, April 20, 2009

Cincinnati Bengals Draft History

With the NFL Draft upcoming this weekend, (Be sure to see the NKYSportsWorld Mock Draft) We have been spending a lot of time debating where the Bengals should go with their #6 pick in the draft. I wanted to take a look back at how the Bengals have fared with their top three draft picks. If you look at the production of just the Top 3 picks in the draft they have really struggled finding talent in the early rounds. So I caution Bengals fans not to get too hung up on fixing all of the issues with this draft as it may not happen.

1- Keith Rivers Linebacker
2- Jerome Simpson Wide Receiver
3- Pat Sims Defensive Tackle

1- Leon Hall Cornerback
2- Kenny Irons Running Back
4- Marvin White

1- Johnathan Joseph Cornerback
2- Andrew Whitworth Offensive Tackle
3- Frostee Rucker Defensive End

1- David Pollack Defensive End
2- Odell Thurman Linebacker
3- Chris Henry Wide Receiver

1- Chris Perry Running Back
2- Keiwan Ratliff Cornerback
2- Madieu Williams Safety

1- Carson Palmer Quarterback*
2- Eric Steinbach Guard
3- Kelley Washington Wide Receiver

1- Levi Jones Offensive Tackle
2- Lamont Thompson Free Safety
3- Matt Schobel Tight End

1- Justin Smith Defensive End
2- Chad Johnson Wide Receiver*
3- Sean Brewer Tight End

1- Peter Warrick Wide Receiver
2- Mark Roman Defensive back
3- Ron Dugans Wide Receiver

*- Denotes Pro Bowler

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