Monday, April 20, 2009

This week in Reds Baseball- April 20th

- The Reds will wrap up their four game series with Houston tonight, if the Reds can get the victory they will win their second straight road series of the season after going 2-1 against the Brewers and currently sitting 2-1 against Houston.

- The Reds have four games against Division opponents this week. If they can do well against Chicago this week they should move themselves toward the top of the Division.

- The Reds are currently winning the series against Houston despite not scoring a single run against Houston starting pitching. Offense has been the major issue this far with this club. Check out the starting lineup and how they are hitting.

C- Ramon Hernandez .188
1B- Joey Votto .349
2B- Brandon Phillips .176
SS- Alex Gonzalez .069
3B- Edwin Encarnacion .156
RF- Jay Bruce .176
CF- Willy Taveras .267
LF- Chris Dickerson .217

- One of the bright spots thus far has been the Reds bullpen. Arthur Rhodes and David Weathers have still yet to give up a run this season. Nick Massett and Francisco Cordero have also been very solid both at a 1.80 ERA this inning. Cordero is 4-4 on save opportunities. Jered Burton and Mike Lincoln have been terrible out of the bullpen so far but will hopefully turn it around.

-Micah Owings hasn't dazzled much yet on the mound but he has done it with the bat. The kid can hit, not like Ken Griffey Jr. hit, but an honest respectable bat in the lineup. His double put the Reds ahead on Sunday against Houston and Owings is leading the team in batting average with .400 (but he has only had 5 AB)

NL Central Standings

1. Cubs 7-4
2. Cardinals 8-5 (-)
3. Reds 6-5 (1 GB)
4. Pirates 6-6 (1.5 GB)
5. Astros 4-8 (3.5 GB)
6. Brewers 4-8 (3.5 GB)

Monday Apr. 20 8:05PM at Houston
Tuesday Apr. 21 8:05PM at Chicago
Wednesday Apr. 22 8:05PM at Chicago
Thursday Apr. 23 2:20PM at Chicago
Friday Apr. 24 7:10PM Braves
Saturday Apr. 25 1:10PM Braves
Sunday Apr. 26 1:10PM Braves

Reds Statistical Leaders
AVG-.349 Votto
RBI-10 Votto
STEALS-3 Taveras
ERA-2.70 Harang
WINS-2 Volquez
SAVES-4 Cordero

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SHU said...

God we have some terrible batting averages in our lineup. The one thing though that is keeping us in games is our on-base percentage

Taveras .410 (good for a lead-off hitter)
Votto .404
Encarnacion .386