Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Holmes Bulldogs Basketball Recruits

Below are the scouting reports for four of Holmes High School players on the recruiting trail.

Ricardo Johnson, 6'4 JR. SG:

January, 2009: Johnson is a long armed wing with a great basketball body. He likes to attack the rim and shoot the pull up going to his left. He hangs in the air and draws fouls near the rim and can finish through contact. He can also slash between defenders. He is an excellent defensive rebounder that is a threat to take it coast to coast. Johnson is a good ball handler that can find the open man and remains calm when trapped. Johnson needs to extend his shooting range and improve his open court ball handling when being pressured. Great upside

March, 2009: This athletic wing attacks the rim in transition and in the half court. He is an excellent athlete that can score through contact. Johnson can finish above the rim with a clear path and constantly makes athletic plays on both ends of the floor. When in rhythm he can knock down the spot up three with time and space.

Scouts Grade: 85
Considering: Bradley, Xavier, Indiana

Jeremiah Johnson 6'4 JR. SG:

January, 2009: This athletic wing is strong and excels in transition and in the half court by attacking the rim. Johnson can knock down the open three when his feet are set. He is also an excellent rebounder that can gain possession of the ball in and out of his area as he sprints in from the perimeter. Johnson competes and flat out attacks defenders off the dribble. He can score through contact on a regular basis. Johnson is a good on ball defender and is capable of defending all three perimeter positions. He must continue to improve his ball handling and extend his shooting range to take game to next level. Johnson is a physical presence on the perimeter with good upside.

March, 2009: Johnson is a very aggressive high energy wing that can hit the open three off the catch with time and space. He is a terrific defensive rebounder for his size and is a good enough ball handler to immediately start the fast break. Johnson is another excellent Holmes athlete that is an above the rim finisher with a clear path. Johnson also excels in transition as he sprints the floor for easy baskets.

Scouts Grade: 82
Schools Considering: None listed

Elijah Pittman 6'7 JR SF

March, 2009: Pittman is a long athlete that has a body built for hoops. He is thin and must add strength but is athletic and has great length. Pittman can finish above the rim in traffic in transition as well as in the half court when motivated. He sprints the floor in transition and loves to spot up for three in the corner where he can make the defense pay with time and space. On the glass Pittman is an asset as well. He has the ability to rebound in and out of his area on both ends. He must improve his scoring moves off the dribble if he wants to be a small forward at the next level but he has excellent upside.

January, 2009: Pittman is a long athlete that runs the floor very well. He prefers to play on the perimeter where he spots up on the three point line. Pittman can knock down the open three with time and space. His jumper is more of a set shot with a low release but his follow through is excellent. He can also put the ball on the floor and take it to the basket. Pittman likes to attack along the baseline and from the high post area. He can score on floaters in between defenders with great touch and concentration on the rim. He is a terrific shot blocker on or away from the ball and has excellent timing. Pittman is skilled and as he adds strength most of the negative parts of his game will improve. He is an excellent looking prospect with great upside.

Scouts Grade: 87
Schools Considering: Kentucky

Kevon Rice 6'6 Soph. G/F

January, 2009: Rice has good size and is a good athlete. He is very aggressive and looks to make scoring plays from the wing and by running the floor in transition. This lefty is an excellent slasher especially with his strong hand. He can spilt defenders and elevate over taller opponents in the lane. He does a great job of drawing fouls as well. He is very confident and plays with swagger. Rice does a good job of hitting the offensive glass. He keeps the ball alive with his long arms and is good for a least one tip in. Rice needs to add strength and work on his right hand in addition to extending his shooting range but has terrific upside.

March 20009: Rice is a young wing that is silky smooth. This lefty is skilled with an excellent mid range pull up jumper. He is tough to stop going to his left because he can elevate and shoot over smaller defenders. Rice also does a great job at reading penetration and spotting up behind the arc where he can knock down the open three and stretch the defense to its breaking point. He is also a good passer with excellent touch on his passes where he gets teammates the ball while they are in scoring position. Rice needs to get stronger and continue to work on his ball handling and develop scoring moves going to his right but he plays with great confidence and a scorers mentality and has off the charts upside.

Scouts Grade: 88
Schools Considering: None at this time

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