Saturday, April 11, 2009

Who am I?

While channel surfing today I saw this very interesting statistic comparing a current Major League baseball player with the great Mickey Mantle. The topic of discussion was Great Switch Hitters, so that is your first clue but check out the comparison of numbers:

Mickey Mantle Through First 10 seasons:
.307 Average
320 Home runs
935 RBI's
1,113 Runs

Current MLB Player
.302 Average
288 Home Runs
961 RBI's
896 Runs

Not quite complete Mickey Mantle numbers but pretty close. Who am I?


SHU said...

Carlos Beltran would be my guess, that's without cheating

Adam said...

Not Beltran,

SHU said...

Chipper Jones.....

Adam said...

Nope, the correct answer is Lance Berkman. I was really suprised.